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Japanese Beetles–They are back……and they are here to stay!!

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So what is the best way to control the beetles?  It largely depends on your viewpoint.   One philosophy is to kill the insect to protect the trees, plants and lawns.  There are many commercial products that can help you do this.

Unfortunately, a commercial product can’t distinguish a pest from a beneficial insect.  I will be writing more about this topic in upcoming blogs.  My point is that we have to learn how to live with or manage this insect pest while attempting to minimize its impact on beneficial organisms found in the ecosystem.   So for all of you who want to help save your trees, plants and roses– listed below are a few organic tips to control infestation.

First,  you don’t need to eliminate all beetles to protect your trees, plants or lawn. Ever though the leaves of your plants will look like skeletons many health plants can withstand the  damage.

Second, to prevent a Japanese Beetle Party starting on your plants…Start early- JB put off a scent that draws more beetle to your plants. The more beetles you have the more you get.

Third, hand pick beetles—put in jar with soapy-water or vegetable oil (do this 2 times a day). This should take you no longer than 10 minutes a day depending on the name of plants affected.

And finally, if you get a heavy infestations The best organic product I found is Dr. Earth’s Rose& Flower Insect Killer Spray. (found at local garden centers)

For future protection, I can help you add a diverse plant selection to avoid food for the Japanese beetle.

For more information about Japanese Beetle:

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