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Save the Plants or Save the Water?

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Since I love  plants and I want to conserve water, I am faced with this dilemma every year. So how do I decide what to save and what to let go to mother nature?

1st Priority

Newly planted trees, shrubs, perennials and lawns need adequate water,  about 1 inch every week — until they are established, usually two or three years.

2nd Priority

  • Vegetables and other food crops
  • Annual floral displays and containers.

Foods crops and annual floral displays can be watered every week to 10 days in normal weather patterns.  Container need daily or 2x a day watering.

3rd Priority

  • Established lawns can go six weeks or more without water. Lawns go dormant and will revive with rainfall or watering.
  • Many perennials will survive a few weeks without water.
  • Well-established shrubs and trees can go a couple of months.

Do you want to learn more about plant survival?  Surviving the drought: How plants survive the drought

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