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August Garden To-Do List

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August To-Do

Personal gardens often take a bit of rest during the month of August.  It is a busy moth for cutting back “tired” plants that have finished blooming and dead-leafing any scorched subjects.

General Maintenance

  1. Weed
  2. Don’t forget to water. We are still in drought.
  3. Do not apply fertilizers, so as to allow plants to harden better  before winter


  1. Continue to deadhead
  2. Prune plants to keep in desired space.
  3. Cut back finished, “tired” plants to make room for late bloomers
  4. Aster and mums can be cut back by 4-6 in. to delay bloom, though at the expense of floral abundance.
  5. Cut back any insect or disease-plagued foliage. ( Do not put in compost pile and clean pruning equipment with water and vinegar or bleach solution)


  1. Plant with caution.
  2. Design beds and order plants for autumn planting.
  3. Bearded iris. Oriental poppies and peonies can be divided now.


  1. Continue to feed your pile with food scrapes
  2. Be wary of adding leaf scorched plant material, unless you are positive the plants had no disease or fungus problems.
  3. Add water to pile to keep moist.
  4. Turn the pile often.

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