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Celebrate Indian Summer this Week!!!

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Late last week, we had a reminder of winter quickly approaching. With temperatures returning to the 70s this week, it’s time to enjoy the great outdoors.

A few things I am doing this week in my garden  include:

1. Continuing to  planting spring flowering- bulbs.  Check out these ideas.

2. Erecting barriers of poultry wire or hardware cloth among young trees and shrubs to protect against rabbit damage.  How to Protect

3. Chopping fallen leaves  with lawnmower.  I put some on top of the  flower beds, vegetable beds or compost pile.  I also spread compost or mulched leaves over a garden bed and dig it in.  The garden will be ready for planting in the spring.

Mild fall temperatures have produced new growth on trees and bushes– DO NOT PRUNE NOW.  Wait until Feb or March. Pruning now will stimulate new growth that may not hardened off before cold temperatures arrives.

Have a great Indian Summer!

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