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4 Common DIY Landscape Mistakes

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STOP–Don’t plant another plant until you read this. OK so it is January in CENTRAL ILLINOIS and no one is planting now, but seriously when the weather warms up and garden shops stock beautiful plants– consider the maintenance needed before buying plants.

Boring plant selection and high maintenance to boot.

Boring plant selection and high maintenance to boot.

Are you a Do-It-Yourself landscaper?  Why do you, DIY?

Because I can…Because I should….Because I like the satisfaction….Because I can save money…. 

If you have the time and skills and plan on researching your project, you can indeed save money and have great satisfaction out of completing a DIY project.

But for some homeowners, they lack the time, vision or design skills to produce a cohesive landscape.  Do you fit into one of these categories?

  • Do you plant the same plants as your neighbors?  When plants need to be replaced do you plant the same type?  Many homeowners pick boring plants because they want to play it safe or they don’t have the interest to learn about other options.
  • Do you have overgrown trees and shrubs?  Do you spend a lot of time trimming to keep the plants looking good ? Many DIY homeowners don’t understand the plant conditions needed to optimize the plants potential.  By planting shrubs without consideration of full size or growing conditions, you will spend a lot of time and money keeping the landscape looking good.
  • Have you planted a plant that needs constant care to look good? Do you have to water at the first sign of hot weather?  Some plants need a lot of care to perform; other plants don’t need much care and give big dividends. Do you know the difference?
  • Does your garden lacks unifying design elements?  You plant plants or place lawn decorations with no consideration of the total landscape scheme.

If you are DIY homeowner, Blooming Garden Designs can help you transform your garden into a beautiful showplace.  Cindy can work with you to create a unified total landscape plan or she can work with you  as a consultant charging an  hourly fee for services.

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