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Sun or Shade? Where do I place my new plant?

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One of the best places to learn about the requirements for a plant is on the Plant Label.  Plant labels include recommendations for how much light a plant needs

Here are few descriptions.

Full Sun means a least 6 hours of direct sunlight each day.

Roses; lilacs; ninebark; Most vegetables need full sun

Partial Shade means at least 3-6 full hours of dappled/ direct sun per day.  Plants which prefer this may struggle with direct sun.

Summer sweet, viburnum, holly, arborvitae, hostas

Light Shade is less than three hours of dappled sunlight each day.

Celandine poppy, Columbine, Virginia bluebells, Ferns

Heavy Shadehas no sunlight because of tree canopy or buildings block sun.        

Pachysandra; ginger, jack-in-pulpit, Goatsbeard, Woodland Phlox

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