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Grow Your Own Gourmet Vegetables This Year

logoDo you want to learn more about edible gardening?  Are you a foodie?  Do you want organic seeds?   This garden  catalog,  The Cook’s Garden, offers something for everyone.

 The Cook’s Garden  offers  European-inspired selection of seeds and custom grown  vegetables you can grow in your home garden.

The Cook’s Garden now offers custom grown plants that are certified organic to go along with our certified seeds. All  vegetable and herb plants are grown under strict organic guidelines and certified by Pennsylvania Organics. The Cook’s Garden certified organic plants are grown using only all-natural methods.

Make sure you check out the recipe section, also.


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GIFTS that keep on LIVING- HERBS

Herbs as indoor plants

Herbs as indoor plants

Potted Herbs

I love fresh herbs all year around.  When gifting herbs make sure the recipients has a sunny spot to grow the herbs indoors. (Herbs need 6-8 hrs of  light to thrive) Mint, thyme, and oregano are examples of hardy and attractive pot herbs which can serve a dual purpose; they can either be maintained for years in their pots or transferred to the garden. Some of the most robust herbs in my gardens are those I received in the wintertime as potted herbs.