Blooming Garden Designs

Specializing in Natural and Sustainable Landscapes


“Plants are more than decorations.”  Dr. Doug Tallamy 

Image by Cindy Eack

I believe that garden/landscape design should allow nature and people to coexist. I do this by:

  • Designing landscapes by using native and native cultivar plants to attract native wildlife
  • Using plant materials that are sustainable in our climate
  • Consulting with home-owners alternative earth friendly  maintenance practices

Cindy’s Background

My love and passion for plants and wildlife   started when I was a child in my grandmother‘s flower gardens.  I have fond childhood memories of picking spring flowers in my grandmother garden. I would bring in arm loads of peonies, irises, daffodils, lily of the valley, and tulip into our home.

As a young child and young teenager, my family created large vegetable gardens and u-pick strawberry fields.  I was involved in all aspects of these projects from planting, weeding, picking and selling.

As a young mother, I rekindled my love of the garden creating flower gardens and landscape gardens in the homes we lived.  My passion lead me to attend seminars and lectures, participate in the master gardener program  and extensive reading on the subject of successful gardening in the Midwest.

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