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Early Spring Chores to Do Now

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spring garden choresThe last couple of days have been fantastic!! Finely we are seeing signs of spring.  Listed below are a few chores you can start now to have a better looking summer garden.


  • It’s time to get out your pruners and start trimming.  For tips on Sharpening your pruners check out this video from Fine Gardening
  • Examine shrubs for winter injury. Prune all dead and weakened wood.
  • Do not prune boxwoods before April 15.
  • Evergreen and deciduous hedges may be sheared. Prune the top narrower than the base so sunlight will reach the lower limbs.
  • Prune spring flowering ornamental after they finish blooming.

Roses and Perennials

  • Winter munches should be removed from roses and perennials.
  • Complete rose pruning promptly. Remove only dead wood from climbers at this time. Cultivate lightly, working in some compost or other organic matter. Fertilize established roses once new growth is 2 inches long. Use a balanced formulation. Begin spraying to control black spot disease.


  • Groundcovers can be mowed to remove winter burn and tidy plants up. Raise mowers to their highest settings. Fertilize and water to encourage rapid regrowth.
  • Start mowing cool season grasses at recommended heights. For complete details, refer to University of Missouri  Extension Guide #6705, Cool Season Grasses.
  • For more information about planting a new lawn check out University of Illinois Extension: Lawn Talk
  • Apply crabgrass preventers before April 15. Do not apply to areas that will be seeded.


Get ready now, warm weather is sure to follow.

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