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Garden with Us: What we are doing this week in the gardens…..

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Now is the time to rejuvenate your garden for fall enjoyment. 

If it’s brown, we’re removing it!

Once leaves get sun scorched or brown from lack of water, they will not turn green again.  We’ve been dead leafing for several weeks; if you haven’t started, this week would be a great time to start. We use several methods including

  • Individual remove brown leaves using pruning shears
  • Use hedge sheers and cut the entire plant back to new growth. If the plant shows no new growth, we leave 1-2 inches of stems for rejuvenation.

Make sure you water the plants well so they can recover!!

We’re designing!

This past week, we had a  client contact us for help in his garden.  He had removed two large shade trees at the front of his home so a once shady garden has now become a full sun garden.  He  asked us to design a native plant garden to fit into his landscape.  The design will be incorporating the smaller prairie grasses and forbs planted in large drifts.  Stay posted for photos.  

We’re planting

Fall is a great time to establish and plan new gardens. Planting season officially begins in September, but with the cool days, we can start now.We are planting grasses and shrubs in  new landscapes.  Any planting during August should be done with caution.  Keep plants moist and shaded. 

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